metals fabrication & welding technology at
thaddeus stevens college

Metals Fabrication and Welding Technology provides the student a working knowledge of the various tools, equipment and modern techniques used in the metals fabrication, mechanical installation and welding industries. The proper application of various layout, fabrication and assembly techniques for specific designs in sheet metal, plate, structural metals and pipe will be stressed. Students will design, estimate, fabricate and install projects relative to air handling systems, structural and miscellaneous fabricated systems. Proper and safe work habits must be developed due to the nature of the equipment necessary to be successful in the industry.

The understanding and mastery of layout techniques is an essential component for success in the Metals Fabrication and Welding fields. Therefore, disciplines in the basic, parallel line, radial line and triangulation methods of layout are covered. Also, instruction in blueprint reading relative to the manufacturing and construction industries will be required. Included are components in drafting, orthographic projection and symbol interpretation. Gas metal arc, shielded metal arc, gas tungsten arc, oxy-acetylene and flux core arc welding will be studied and practiced to allow students to obtain skills for a total understanding of fabricated projects from design through the final assembly processes.   

Graduates of the Metals Fabrication and Welding Technology program are prepared to work in businesses and industries that design, build and install products that have been fabricated from sheet, plate and structural metals. Areas of employment include: HVAC sheet metal duct systems fabrication and installation; precision sheet metal layout and fabrication; welding; industrial maintenance/ mill working; plate layout/fitting for industrial fabrication; mechanical systems estimation/project management; fabrication machinery operations; equipment manufacturing and installation; structural steel and miscellaneous iron fabrication; automated cutting systems operation programming; sales-industrial equipment or contracting; shop/installation foreman; fabrication of sanitary stainless steel products; food and pharmaceutical processing applications; and industrial ventilation fabrication and installation.