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Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

Why Should I Choose An Electro-Mechanical Technology Associates Degree?

Electro-Mechanical Technology, or Mechatronics as it is also known, is one of the most in demand and highly sought after careers in the manufacturing industry. The combination of Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and skills based in computer aided drafting and machine technology create a unique blend of knowledge desirable by industry. These technicians are trained in a variety of skill areas, allowing companies to utilize their knowledge for a vast array of technical and mechanical issues. When necessary, industry will call on more advanced specialists, however for the every day issues which arise that could cost the company revenue when they occur, Electro-Mechanical Technician are in high demand. Having a multi-skilled technician on staff that can address issues immediately, allows companies to continue production at a minimal loss. Electro-Mechanical Technicians have become essential positions in the manufacturing industry.