student government at
thaddeus stevens college

Participation in student government affords students the opportunity to acquire leadership skills while contributing to the welfare of the Thaddeus Stevens community. The following represent possibilities for student leadership:

Student Congress

Student Congress members are elected each fall to express student opinions on campus social, cultural, and academic life. Student Congress prepares proposals and submits them to the senior managers. This student organization also serves as a means of communication between students, faculty, and administration.

Residence Hall Councils

Residents of each individual residence hall elect a council that is responsible for the initiation and execution of policies governing life in that particular residence hall. The Residence Hall Councils serve as a means of communication between students, residence hall personnel, and administration. Each council plays an important role in establishing activities for residents.

Members of the councils meet as the Joint Residence Hall Council to discuss common issues. All residence halls are responsible for hosting such a meeting at least once during the fall and spring semesters.