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Posted by Chad Baker on Monday, March 9, 2015 @ 10:12 AM

This Hybrid of the College’s Carpentry Program Addresses Growing Need For Remodeling Contractors

US Remodeling Industry is BackLANCASTER, PA – Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology will begin a new Residential Remodeling Program at the school this August. The program will combine essentials of the existing carpentry major at the College with necessary skills focused specifically on residential remodeling.

“The need for skilled, educated residential remodelers has grown over the years,” commented Charles Byers, Residential Remodeling instructor at Thaddeus Stevens College. “In Lancaster County alone, remodeling jobs in the construction fields have grown and in some cases, outpaced the new construction market.” According to research done by the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, the overall remodeling market has indeed outpaced the broader housing industry.

According to the research, “As the economy strengthens and house prices recover, spending on discretionary home improvements – kitchen and bath remodeling, room additions and outside attachments such as porches and decks – rose by almost $6 billion between 2011 and 2013.”

This stand-alone, construction discipline utilizes state-of-the-art methods and materials to keep current homeowners in their existing houses. Residential Remodeling adds living space to existing homes and retro fits existing structures with modern conveniences and updated building codes and standards.

“In recent years we have seen numerous incentives for homeowners to retrofit their homes with energy efficient windows and doors,” stated Charles Byers. “As this trend continues, skilled remodelers, equipped with the knowledge of the specific standards and codes necessary for these projects, become more and more in demand.”

Baby boomers are also driving the demand for residential remodelers. As this generation enters their retirement years, their spending has increased, accounting for almost half of all remodeling spending in 2013. In addition, the share of improvement spending nationwide by homeowners age 65 and over increased from 13% in 2005 to 23% in 2013. Finally, as this generation grows older, the demand for accessibility increases as well. Moving bedrooms to the first floor, adding chair rails, ramps and other easier to access features has driven up demand for remodeling within the Baby Boomer generation as well. (sourced from Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University)

“One of the things we do at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology before beginning a program is examine the job outlook and salary potential for our students,” stated Director of Career Services for TSCT, Laurie Grove. ”In the case of residential remodeling, we are seeing economic and industry attributes to support growth within the remodeling industry. Both Baby Boomers and Millenials are strengthening the remodeling market. Growth in the number of general remodeling firms with payrolls have accelerated each year since the construction industry bottomed out a few years ago.”

Remodelers are unique in the fact they encompass very specific skills based in the carpentry field. General remodeling skills may include all phases of carpentry, insulation drywall, painting, roofing, siding and interpretation of designs and building plans.

“We have taken in to consideration all facets of remodeling when examining potential growth for the industry,” commented Laurie Grove. “For example, by 2022, Pennsylvania will see nearly 10,000 new carpenters. When you look at the numbers for the entire country, there is an expected growth of nearly 200,000 new jobs in the carpentry field. Given the specificity of the remodeling industry, many residential remodelers will easily fill these positions.”

In regard to salaries, the average median salary for a carpenter in Pennsylvania is $40,300, just $200 below the national average of $40,500. “Again, given the specific jobs remodelers will be focused on,” stated Grove, “these salaries could be higher for remodelers. Any time you hire a specialist, no matter what the field, you will usually pay more than some with just general knowledge of the subject.”

(Infographic Source: Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, Improving America's Housing - Emerging Trends in the Remodeling Market, 2015, All rights reserved.)


Posted by Chad Baker on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 @ 8:50 AM

Donation To Be Used Toward the College’s K-12 Initiatives

Weis Market DonationLANCASTER, PA – Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology recently received a $5,000 donation from Weis Markets, Inc. to be used for K-12 educational programs. This donation, part of the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax (EITC) program, will help to specifically fund the College’s Adopt-a-Kindergarten program in 2015.

“Without the generous support of organizations such as Weis Markets, these programs would not exist,” stated College President Dr. William Griscom, “Thaddeus Stevens College has recognized the need to work with students beginning in kindergarten and then foster these students through the entire education process.”

The Adopt-a-Kindergarten program includes all kindergarten classes, including special needs programs, at Lafayette Elementary, Washing Elementary and George Ross Elementary within the School District of Lancaster. Students from each of the kindergarten classes are visited by members of the College’s faculty and watch presentations discussing various jobs within the fields of trades and technology. Students then visit the College’s campus for a tour of these programs. The entire Adopt-a-Kindergarten program concludes when each students returns to campus for their graduation ceremony. At that time, the College gives the students various gifts, a diploma, and students, dressed in the caps and gowns, are able to hear how maintaining a strong education is of benefit to them. Students who complete the Adopt-a-Kindergarten program are then eligible for a full scholarship to Thaddeus Stevens College upon their successful completion of their education with the School District of Lancaster and upon the successful completion of the application process for Thaddeus Stevens College.

“Thaddeus Stevens believed that education was the great equalizer or, in other words, any person who receives an education, has a fair shot at success,” stated Griscom. “This is why we have established a robust K-12 program and continue to expand upon this each and every year”

L&I Grant PresentationHarrisburg – Continuing to advance Governor Corbett’s JOBS1st PA initiative, Department of Labor & Industry Secretary Julia K. Hearthway today awarded a JOBS1st PA Tech Grant to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology to upgrade equipment used in training students in its manufacturing and automotive programs. The funds were made available by the Department of Labor & Industry through its Re-Employment Fund.

“Career success in today’s economy is determined in large part by obtaining industry-relevant skills,” Sec. Hearthway said. “The equipment to be purchased using grant funds will enable students to train on modern equipment used by regional employers, increasing their likelihood of hire upon program completion.”

Thaddeus Stevens received $148,970 to upgrade equipment in the Machine Tool and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Technology and Automotive Collision Repair Technology Applied Science degree programs. Funds will be used to purchase a CNC vertical machining center and CNC turning center for the manufacturing program and an auto frame/unibody straightener for the automotive program.

“Part of the mission of Thaddeus Stevens College is to educate students for skilled employment in a diverse, ever-changing workforce,” commented Dr. William Griscom, President of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, “With this grant the College can continue to expand on this mission and can continue to develop the knowledge of our graduates, in turn strengthening the industries and economy of the Commonwealth.”

With the equipment upgrades in the manufacturing program, Thaddeus Stevens can double program enrollment from 20 to 40 to help meet growing employer needs. The automotive equipment will allow existing and future automotive program students to continue to earn industry recognized credentials.

An additional $1,201,030 in Tech Grants remains available through L&I to qualified educational institutions that demonstrate a track record of training and placing adult students into occupations that are in demand by local employers. Submissions will be accepted through March 31, 2015 or until funds are exhausted. Interested applicants may visit more information and to apply for a grant.

In 2012, Gov. Corbett launched JOBS1st PA as a comprehensive roadmap to economic recovery that harnessed the state’s resources and talents to prioritize private-sector job creation and retention. Today, Pennsylvania's unemployment rate remains below the national rate and jobs have been growing on a consistent basis for nearly four years.

For more information about Gov. Corbett’s commitment to JOBS1st PA visit

For more coverage of this press conference:

Click here for photos from the tour and media conference.

2014 Fall Dean's List Named

Posted by Chad Baker on Friday, February 27, 2015 @ 10:24 AM

TSCT Announces its 2014 Fall Dean's List. Click here to see the full list.


Posted by Chad Baker on Friday, February 27, 2015 @ 10:12 AM

Through Various Programs, Stevens Will Introduce STEM Fields To Thousands

Baxter the RobotLANCASTER, PA – In an effort to expand the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills and knowledge of students both college-aged and younger, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology has introduced two state-of-the-art robots as part of the institution’s manufacturing programs. This new initiative, called Building STEM Learning with Mobile Robotics emphasizes the importance of a technical education, while creating excitement in youth.

The two, human-like robots known as “Baxter” by the manufacturer, has been dubbed by Stevens students as Thad and Lydia, named after Thaddeus Stevens and his longtime confidant and Lancaster business owner Lydia Hamilton Smith. Thad and Lydia will be used to provide cross-program collaboration opportunities; to engage post-secondary remedial education students; and to excite and inspire K-8 children at an interactive science center.

“Robots can reach even tough-to-engage students,” commented College President William Griscom. “Not only will these machines allow our current students to develop and hone their skills for necessary areas in industry, but it will also engage students as young as kindergarten and introduce them to the STEM field.”

In addition to being used in the classrooms for programs such as Electro Mechanical Technology, Electronic Engineering Technology, and Electrical Technology, the robots will also be on loan to the Lancaster Science Factor where over 11,000 K-8 students and caregivers will be exposed to them. In addition, Stevens plans to utilize the robots as part of their K-12 initiatives that includes the Adopt-a-Kindergarten program, summer camp experiences and after-school STEM related programs.

“Thad and Lydia present a unique, interactive opportunity for students of all ages to learn and explore the potential of robotics in manufacturing and technical fields,” stated President Griscom. “If we can engage students at an early age, we can also sustain the manufacturing industry and cultivate the highly skilled employees needs by the industry.”

The purchase of these two robots is made possible by funders such as the Alcoa Foundation, TE Connectivity, United States Department of Labor/Employment Training Agency/TAACCCT, Cargas Education Fund, ONExia, Inc., Rethink Robotics, Lancaster County Community Foundation, Dart Corporate Foundation and through collaborative partners such as the Lancaster Science Factory.

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2016 Commencement Photo Gallery




Stevens 105th Commencement Ceremony Set For May 14

Lancaster, PA – Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology will hold its 105th commencement ceremony Saturday, May 14, 2016 beginning at 1:00 PM in the Multipurpose Activity Center on campus. The college is honored to welcome Dr. Irvin Scott, Deputy Director of College Ready for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the keynote speaker for the nearly 340 students graduating from the college.

Details regarding the event include:

Date:  Saturday, May 14, 2016

Time: Ceremony begins at 1:00 pm;

Location: Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology; 750 East King Street, Lancaster, PA.

In addition to Dr. Irvin Scott, as the keynote speaker, the College will award three Honorary Doctorate Degrees and two Distinguished Service Awards. Mr. Thomas T. Baldrige, Ms. Carol Rae Culliton and Mr. Robert M. Krasne will be the 2016 Honorary Doctorate recipients. Mr. Paul Solis and Mr. Matthew M. Sullivan will receive the Distinguished Service Award.


More details will be released as they are made available.


Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is a premier residential, two-year, fully accredited technical college that provides a free education to qualifying financially disadvantaged citizens of Pennsylvania as well as serving tuition paying students.  Stevens has expanded from its original student body of 15 to almost 1,000 students who are enrolled in 21 high-skill, high-wage technical programs. The majority of the College’s graduates have remained in the Commonwealth since it’s founding in 1905. Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is Pennsylvania's only state-owned, two-year college of technology.

For four consecutive times, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology has been recognized by the Aspen Institute, an independent research panel, as one of the top 150 two-year colleges in the country. Thaddeus Stevens College was one of three colleges in Pennsylvania recognized by the Aspen Institute. Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology has also been recognized by PA-ACT Council as the Pennsylvania Community College Exemplar for 2015. This honor designates Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology as the top two-year college in Pennsylvania.

This event is open to the media. College issued media credentials will be required to enter the building.  In order to obtain credentials, please send the name of the reporter/photographer/videographer attending.  Pass will be mailed or available for pick up the day of the event.

In order to obtain a pass, please contact Scott Noden using the information below. Once again please note, no media will be permitted without proper media credentials.


For more information, please contact:
Scott Noden @ Phone:  717.669-4920 or Email:

2016 Academic Awards Banquet