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Sexuality + Gender Spectrum Panelists

Posted by Brian Nguyen on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 @ 11:48 AM

Sexuality & Gender Spectrum Forum

On Thursday, January 19, 2017 in the Jones Conference Room, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology's Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) will be hosting a Sexuality and Gender Spectrum Forum with Joe Morales, Diversity Coordinator to raise awareness and discuss various topics in the LGBTQIA+ community. Below, you'll find you the Bio's of the panelists. 


Joanne Carroll

Joanne M. Carroll is the President of TransCentralPA; an organization committed to providing advocacy and caring support for transgender individuals, their significant others, families, friends and allies. TransCentralPA also provides gender education and information to businesses, organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies. She has been a member since 2001. No longer actively employed; however, she continues to maintain a small web design business that is the last remaining segment of a major multi-media company she owned and founded. In her years of active employment, she served over 20 years on Active Duty in the United States Air Force, retiring as a Master Sergeant (E-7). During her career, she served in a number of major air commands, including Air Force Special Operations as an Air Commando conducting counter-insurgency operations in NE Thailand. Following her military career, she worked for 18 years in the hospitality industry starting as a hotel night auditor and worked her way up to general manager.

Joanne attended Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, Midwestern State University, in Wichita Falls, Texas, and the Community College of the Air Force at Randolph AFB, in San Antonio, Texas. Her major was Political Science, with a split minor of Business and Accounting. She has three daughters, and five grandchildren as well as four stepchildren. She is active in her church, First Reformed UCC in Lancaster, where she serves as Vice-President of the Leadership Team. In other churches, she has served in a variety of ministries. Public service has always been a major part of her life, and has held the office of President of several local tourism and hotel/motel boards, and was at one time the Chairman Elect and Vice Chairman of her local Chamber of Commerce.

She is on the Board of Directors of Equality PA, a member of the LGBT Steering Committee for the Pennsylvania Youth Congress, an active member of Lancaster County Embrace, a group providing support to congregations that affirm LGBTQ persons of faith. She is also a member of
the Penn Central UCC Open and Affirming Ministry Team as well as Equality PA Faith. Joanne is a rated Air Force Master Instructor and is a Vietnam era veteran. She received many awards and decorations during her military career that included; Meritorious Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Air Force Commendation Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with two Bronze Service Stars, Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation with Palm, Vietnam Campaign Medal.

Melody Keim

Melody is currently a Lancaster City resident. She arrived in Lancaster County almost 30 years ago having grown up in the Mennonite mecca of Harrisonburg, VA. She came out at the age of 40. Her two sons Jeremy and Jonathan live in Philadelphia, as well as her girlfriend. She recently completed almost 8 years as the VP of Programs and Initiatives at the Lancaster County Community Foundation. Her leadership sparked the “Ah-Ha Project; Creative Solutions to Real Problems” and launched a new approach to the way the Community Foundation engages with its grantee partners and community at large. Over the years her community engagement has included the LGBT Center Board, Lancaster Pride Board chair, Lancaster
Common Roads Advisory Committee, Millersville University President’s Commission for Gender and Sexual Diversity and one of the Poverty Commission Work Groups. . . to name a few. As of Jan 31, she will be stepping into the role of Executive Director for the Jon Bon Jovi Soul
Foundation in Philadelphia and eventually moving to Philadelphia to buy a house with her girlfriend.

Adanjesus “A.J.” Marin

Adanjesús Marín got his start in the Civil Rights Movement at age 12 in Beaumont, Texas when he organized a student walk-out in response to one of his teacher’s attempts to segregate his class. It was during the ensuing struggle that led to the teacher’s successful removal that Marín
first learned the power of collective multiracial direct action and organizing. In his grade school life, Marín went on to lead many student struggles, fulfilling various roles including Chair of San Antonio Students United for Justice and Assistant Director of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), San Antonio District. At 15, forced to drop out of school due to economic reasons, Marín went to work full time for his first union. Using his youth to his advantage, Marín organized hundreds of school janitors and bus drivers, slipping onto campuses undetected having organizing conversations while workers were on break. Since that time Marín has worked relentlessly in the youth, student, tenant, immigrant, and worker social justice movements.

As a student leader in New York City, Marín cofounded the Student Liberation Action Movement of the City University of New York(CUNY), leading struggles against tuition increases, police brutality and murder, and in defense of CUNY's affirmative action Open Admissions policy. While Rudolf Giuliani was mayor, Marín was arrested over 10 times for civil disobedience and direct action, including the shutting down of the Brooklyn Bridge in reaction to acquittal of the police officers who murdered African immigrant Amadou Dialo. Marín went on to become the National Coordinator of the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, leading one of the largest national student strikes in US history against the war in Iraq.

In his 20 plus years working in the Labor Movement, Marín has organized many different types of workers ranging from Janitors to College Professors. As the Organizing Director of the NY Independent Farmworkers Center, Marín won the first ever union contract in the state for
farmworkers. As an International Organizing Lead for UNITE! Marín organized hundreds of industrial laundry workers throughout the Southwest.
In the Immigrant Rights movement Marín co-founded the Asociación Tepeyac de Nueva York, which became the single largest Mexican organization in the New York State with over 45 neighborhood committees. As Struggle Director for the Asociacíon, Marín organized a one day work stoppage December 12, 2000 of over 5,000 Mexican workers demanding immigration reform and equal treatment as workers. Since moving to Pennsylvania in 2004, Marín has worked for SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, where he has represented workers in hospitals and nursing homes and currently serves as the Director of Member Political Engagement and Mobilization.

Marín was recently elected Co-chair of Pennsylvania Pride at Work, the AFLCIO LGBTQA constituency group. Prior to that, he served as President of Equality Pennsylvania, leading that organization during the recent court victory for marriage equality, and the election of the first out State Representative. Soon after moving to Lancaster city in November of 2009, Marín founded the LGBT Organizing Committee, which organized a large public march in support of equality. The following summer, when County Commissioner Scott Martin announced his plans to abolish the County Human Relations Commission, Marín as Chair of the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission organized and lead the Lancaster Committee to Defend Civil Rights(LCDCR). In November 2015 Marin became the Director of Make the Road Pennsylvania, an organization currently based in the Lehigh Valley that organizes in the Latino community around issues of immigration, civil rights, worker justice, and LGBT equality.

Meet Dr. Kevin Fleming

Posted by Brian Nguyen on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 @ 11:52 AM

 Dr. Fleming currently supports over 40 academic programs as a Dean of  Instruction at Norco College (Riverside Community College District,  California) as well as Career & Technical Education curriculum development  for multiple state and federal grants. He also currently serves as the Principal  Investigator for the National Science Foundation’s National Center for Supply  Chain Automation (Washington D.C.). Dr. Fleming’s professional background  includes experience working in higher education at community colleges as  well as both public and private 4-year universities. Beginning his career in  academia within student services, he has experience in classroom  instruction, fundraising/foundations, economic development, academic  affairs, grant writing, accreditation, strategic planning, and professional  speaking. Prior to joining Norco College, he analyzed industry and workforce  needs providing customized geospatial labor market research for the  California Community College system through the Centers of Excellence.

Producer of the viral animation video Success in the New Economy, and author of the bestseller, (Re)Defining the Goal, Dr. Fleming is a passionate advocate for ensuring all students align their future careers with their personality and strengths.  A true life-long learner and recovering academic elitist, Dr. Fleming has earned two Bachelor’s degrees from Loyola Marymount University (Psychology & Philosophy); a Master of Arts from The Ohio State University (Educational Policy & Leadership), a MBA from the University of Redlands, a Ph.D. in Education from Claremont Graduate University, and a CTE industry certification in geographical information systems (GIS).  He is a proud eagle scout, has completed 5 marathons, and won a spelling bee in the third grade.


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STEM is Here to Stay!

Posted by Brian Nguyen on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 @ 2:29 PM

You may have heard the word “STEM” in the news. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is the mantra for educators to increase K-12 students’ knowledge and preparation in these fields and relate them to careers.

Thaddeus Stevens College has a significant K-12 STEM program,which is coordinated by Sean McKnight. Since many school districts lack equipment for hands-on learning, the College received several grants to acquire a used low-rise box truck and turn it into a STEM In GEAR vehicle. Thee truck takes portable equipment to open houses, career fairs, and other events to conduct handson activities ranging from robotics and engineering to manufacturing, metal casting, and aviation. The truck has a large generator, so it can bring the activities outdoors too. With high interest from schools across the region, the STEM Coordinator is creating more custom workshops designed to address a particular school or grade-level testing deficiencies.

Numerous companies and foundations have assisted in funding and equipping the STEM In Gear truck. Donors who have contributed over $5,000 have their name listed on the traveling truck. The College’s goal is to have most of its technology programs represented at least one activity for the STEM in Gear truck. Students, teachers and parents are enthusiastically responding to this new educational opportunity, which can spark children’s excitement in a related career. To date, approximately 3,000 students have benefited from its appearance. Partnership opportunities are available for any of the College’s K-12 STEM programs either through grants, EITC funding, or other sources. Our K-12 STEM programs are only limited by their levels of public and private support.

Recent Development Activity
Since July 1, the Development Office has submitted 44 grants, requesting more than $3,938,311 to support ongoing college programs. Much of this is still pending approval by the donors. Companies that qualify for EITC funds are reminded that Thaddeus Stevens Foundation/College qualifies as an Educational Improvement Organization (EIO). All EITC funds received go to support the K-12 STEM programs, including Adopt-a-Kindergarten, Middle Grades Summer STEM Experience workshops, and Dual/Early Enrollment. All these programs are expanding to include more schools
and students this year and depend funding.

Our STEM Initiative has already spawned a new Women in STEM scholarship for one female in any of the three grant-related majors. In establishing this scholarship, the donor hopes that other businessmen and women will join her in contributing to this scholarship, so that it can grow and off er multiple awards at larger values annually. Donations of any amount can be accepted and designated toward this Women in STEM scholarship.
Anyone interested financially adding to this scholarship can call me in the Development Office.

The new 2017 College desk calendar will be available in December. If you would like one, please email me at, and I will send you one when available. I am also happy to discuss and plan any funding opportunities, student sponsorships, naming opportunities, contributions, and any other various advancement programs that might interest you. 

Computer Software Engineering Technology

Posted by Brian Nguyen on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 @ 2:16 PM


Lancaster, PA - The College is proud to announce the introduction of a new program for Fall 2017 called Computer Software Engineering Technology (CSET). Students will learn how to customize soft ware programs to meet the demands for automated systems in industry.

Th e original request for the development of this new program came from representatives of local industry who needed skilled designers for employment. Mr. Joel Walker, owner and CEO of Industrial Resolutions, and Mr. Chip Cargas, owner and CEO of Cargas Systems, met with Dr. Griscom to explain their needs. It became apparent from the first meeting that the needs for these technicians were both local and nationwide. Few colleges and universities were delivering training programs which directly produced graduates who were capable of designing and coding customized software. Too often graduates of existing computer programming courses required months of in-house training to bring them up to a productive level for the employer.The representatives asked Thaddeus Stevens College to develop and deliver a program that prepared their graduates for immediate job entry and production.

To achieve the goal of creating a job ready program in the high tech area, the College assembled a team of local professionals who job it is to develop customized software programs for industry. Using a modified DACUM process, the team examined the tasks which are required in the development of customized software.This included an evaluation of existing software, an understanding of various building block systems, data storage and retrieval, project management procedures, and customer service principles. Based upon all these, the team developed an outline of the exact competencies needed for successful completion of the educational goals. Note that a heavy emphasis was placed on hands-on applications throughout the program, and ending with a required internship.


The result of these efforts includes the specialized courses that follow:

  • CSET 105 Introduction to Web Applications (3cr)
  • CSET 110 Web Development I (3cr)
  • CSET 115 Technical Requirements & Data Structures (3cr)
  • CSET 120 Soft ware Project I (3cr) • CSET 155 Database Design (3cr)
  • CSET 160 Web Development II (3cr)
  • CSET 170 Security and Professional Ethics (3cr)
  • CSET 180 Soft ware Project II (3cr) • CSET 205 Advanced Data Integration (3cr)
  • CSET 210 Workplace Communications (2cr) • CSET 220 Soft ware Project III (3cr)
  • TECH 199 Internship (Required) (4cr)
  • CSET 260 Soft ware Principles (3cr)
  • CSET Advanced Elective(s) (3cr)


Where will the new program be housed? This was the question which was raised during the DACUM. After a long silence, one of the panel members suggested that the “laboratory” for the new program could be anywhere. All that was required was a WiFi connection, and the site could be in the auditorium, in a classroom, in the MAC, outside or anyplace where students could sit. Furthermore, the only equipment and tools required, for both teacher and student, is a notebook computer and certain software packages. Total cost for these items are estimated to be around $2000. That’s not too bad for a program that offers immediate job entry at excellent salaries. Th e Computer Software Engineering Technology program will bring a new breed of students to the campus. Individuals who plan to major in CSET will be less like a technician and more like an engineer. They will be skilled in computer systems, soft ware operation, APP creation, gaming, and computer modification. They will be adept in math, physics, and logic. Recruiting such students will demand a new approach to marketing, and will change the way we think about our target student populations..

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Dean's List Fall 2016

Posted by Brian Nguyen on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 @ 1:13 PM

More than 356 Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology students were named to the Dean's List for academic achievement for the 2016 Fall semester.  To be named to the Dean’s List, students must have earned a 3.25 grade point average or higher. Those named to the list include:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
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2016 Commencement Photo Gallery




Stevens 105th Commencement Ceremony Set For May 14

Lancaster, PA – Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology will hold its 105th commencement ceremony Saturday, May 14, 2016 beginning at 1:00 PM in the Multipurpose Activity Center on campus. The college is honored to welcome Dr. Irvin Scott, Deputy Director of College Ready for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the keynote speaker for the nearly 340 students graduating from the college.

Details regarding the event include:

Date:  Saturday, May 14, 2016

Time: Ceremony begins at 1:00 pm;

Location: Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology; 750 East King Street, Lancaster, PA.

In addition to Dr. Irvin Scott, as the keynote speaker, the College will award three Honorary Doctorate Degrees and two Distinguished Service Awards. Mr. Thomas T. Baldrige, Ms. Carol Rae Culliton and Mr. Robert M. Krasne will be the 2016 Honorary Doctorate recipients. Mr. Paul Solis and Mr. Matthew M. Sullivan will receive the Distinguished Service Award.


More details will be released as they are made available.


Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is a premier residential, two-year, fully accredited technical college that provides a free education to qualifying financially disadvantaged citizens of Pennsylvania as well as serving tuition paying students.  Stevens has expanded from its original student body of 15 to almost 1,000 students who are enrolled in 21 high-skill, high-wage technical programs. The majority of the College’s graduates have remained in the Commonwealth since it’s founding in 1905. Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is Pennsylvania's only state-owned, two-year college of technology.

For four consecutive times, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology has been recognized by the Aspen Institute, an independent research panel, as one of the top 150 two-year colleges in the country. Thaddeus Stevens College was one of three colleges in Pennsylvania recognized by the Aspen Institute. Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology has also been recognized by PA-ACT Council as the Pennsylvania Community College Exemplar for 2015. This honor designates Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology as the top two-year college in Pennsylvania.

This event is open to the media. College issued media credentials will be required to enter the building.  In order to obtain credentials, please send the name of the reporter/photographer/videographer attending.  Pass will be mailed or available for pick up the day of the event.

In order to obtain a pass, please contact Scott Noden using the information below. Once again please note, no media will be permitted without proper media credentials.


For more information, please contact:
Scott Noden @ Phone:  717.669-4920 or Email:

2016 Academic Awards Banquet