ANT 106 (3 credits)
Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to anthropology, including various branches. Informed way of looking at and appreciating other cultures. Intensive examination of the Amish.

BUSN 106 (3 credits)
Small Business Management
World of small business. Getting involved as an entrepreneur. Selecting business opportunities. Keeping the business afloat.

ECON 111 (3 credits)
Fundamentals of Economics
Human occupations with particular reference to economic systems.

ECON 211 (3 credits)
Principles of Economics
Nature and methodology of economics. Mixed capitalism and market economy; national income and employment theory. Economics of fiscal policy. Money, banking, and the Federal Reserve System.

PSY 116 (3 credits)
Introduction to Psychology
Major specialties of the field and assumptions upon which based. Techniques used by psychologists.

SOC 106 (3 credits)
Principles of Sociology
Systematic interpretation of major elements of sociology. Social dynamics, deviant behavior, social and cultural change, and developing major social trends.

SOC 121 (3 credits)
Critical Thinking
Provides an introduction to critical reading, writing, and thinking. Encourages students to pose questions at appropriate times and to have a generally critical attitude toward advertising and other aspects of popular culture.

SOC 206 (3 credits)
Sociology of Deviant Behavior
Deviant social behavior. Development of deviant individual's personality. Deviant careers; conflicts between the deviant's and the normative social world. Social techniques and patterns used to resolve such conflicts are also covered.

SOC 216 (3 credits)
Introduction to general issues regarding cultural diversity. A focus on complex and diverse group activities in the contemporary workplace with an emphasis on coping skills with persons from different ethic, gender, religious, and professional backgrounds and perspectives.

SOC 221 (3 credits)
Marriage and the Family
Contemporary American marriage and family patterns. Historical and cross-cultural perspectives. Current trends toward urbanization and changing value systems. Cultural, psychological, and social factors involved in the changing American family.

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